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Pharmabind is a boutique of outsourcing and training services for the Pharma Industry. 

The company is managed by former executives from Leading Pharma Companies who have felt the difficulties in hiring high-quality outsourced field teams along the years.

 In this context, Pharmabind was created to provide high quality senior services in a crowded and commoditized market. Our mission is to offer highly scientific field teams for Pharma and Biotech Companies that need an outsourcing service with the same quality that they would apply themselves... but faster!

Major reasons for searching for outsourced sales teams:

1- Limitation of head-counts but availability of resources to invest in growth projects.

 2- Temporary field projects in which flexibility is needed in terms of modulating resources along the way.

3- Pilot projects in which there are higher risks and lessons to be learnt before applying massive internal resources.

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Fabio Augusto Deleuse

-25Y of experience in Pharma

-Former GM of Astrazeneca and Lundbeck

Douglas Andreas Valverde

-20Y of experience in Clinical Research

-Former Director of different Pharma & CRO


Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact us today and let us help you get you back on track!

Distrito Inova HC - Rua Dr. Ovídio Pires de Campos S/N, Prédio CEAC (Centro de Atenção ao Colaborador), 5º andar, Studio 9

Cerqueira Cesar – São Paulo – SP

CEP: 05403-010

+55 11 98222-0975

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